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D I G I T A L E R A 4 . 0

Welcome to the new Digital Era based on
Artificial Intelligence

DigitalEra 4.0 is a company formed by a professional team of engineers, with the objective of developing Artificial Intelligence and implementation of digital tools in the manufacturing industry.

In addition, we also have the capacity to develop Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering ensuring that your products are on the market in quality, time and cost, eliminating all waste in your value chain.

The purpose of these tools is to provide a clear competitive advantage by reducing manufacturing costs and providing real-time information on the status of different industrial processes.

DigitalEra 4.0 has experience and partners in the development of software and hardware for the automation of industrial processes, and the combination of its data into added value indicators.

Why would you choose Digital Era 4.0 as your industrial partner?

1. We have a hybrid team of Industrial - Aeronautical - Computer Engineers with the ability to generate really useful digital tools and solutions.

2. Our digital solutions are personalized aiming to solve a real existing problem or establishing a digitization proposal for your company.

3. We have extensive experience in the Manufacturing Industry having held different positions of responsibility in Worldwide Companies at National and International level.

4. We make sure that every solution we propose represents a benefit to the client, always creating a win to win scenario.

What is our Mission

"Use Artificial Intelligence to reap the value of data and improve the competitiveness of companies"

"Digital Era 4.0 accompanies its clients until we achieve the objectives that we have set together"

What do we offer to our customers?

Technical capabilities

- Artificial intelligence
– Machine Learning
– Predictions

(Scikit-Learn, Tensorflow..ettc)

Data Science:
Capture, Process, Store and Analyze Data

(Pandas, Numpy,Spark, Hadoop)

APPS development
For Android and IOS systems

On-Cloud developments:
Allows you to store information and make it available in real time

(AWS, Google cloud, Azure and Blue Ocean environments)

Continuous software development and integration to eliminate bugs

(as Jenkins,Bitbucket and git.)

Data transmission to all points

(Kafka para streaming or Pusher para broadcasting)

Web systems development

(Node JS, Angular, Vue.JS, Laravel, .NET MVC and .NETCore.)

Projects Completed

How can we help you?